May 13 2014

Air pollution: We need to force politicians to take the issue seriously

Air pollution: We need to force politicians to take the issue seriously


13 May 2014

THE Green Party of England and Wales gives its backing to The Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry and its aims to both identify why air quality strategies have failed throughout the UK and improve air quality in the future.
Throughout the UK, local Green Party groups have been tirelessly campaigning to clean up the UK’s toxic air. From challenging the building of incinerators to calling for better reporting of air pollution, Greens are at the forefront of the fight for clean air in the UK and Europe.
Jean Lambert, the Green Party’s MEP for London and a founder supporter of Clean Air in London, said:
“The fact that thousands are dying because of air pollution each year should be a source of shame for Ministers. Yet, despite the mounting evidence of this major public health threat, the Government is doing far too little to reduce air pollution.
In Ms Lambert’s London constituency 3,389 deaths in 2010 were associated with air pollution. Public Health England’s report estimates that 7.2% of deaths in London were attributable to air pollution
“With almost one in 12 deaths in my London caused by air pollution it is abundantly clear that action is needed.
“We need to radically rethink the way they are dealing with air pollution. To protect people’s health we need both the UK Government and the Mayor of London to be bold in tackling air pollution – and stop trying to water down the rules.
“We need more ‘very low emissions zones’, cleaner buses, a strategy to reduce pollution from taxi exhaust, 20mph speed limits as standard in residential areas, and more steps to encourage walking and cycling.
“It’s time we recognise that air pollution is a political issue. We can clean up our air, but we need to force politicians to take the issue seriously.”